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Shop Cozy Autumn Sweaters and More at The Twig Thrift Shop - Clayborne Blog

Shop Cozy Autumn Sweaters and More at The Twig Thrift Shop

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The Twig Thrift Shop just reopened after its regular summer hiatus, and it has everything you need for fall. Unlike most thrift stores, which host a mostly stagnant inventory with new pieces trickling in, The Twig completely refreshes its selection on the floor every season. For instance, the current collection includes cozy autumn sweaters, sturdy and stylish boots, and other fashion-forward pieces for fall.

Next month, expect to see Halloween costumes and decor join the cold-weather ensembles. In November, decorations for the holidays and wintry apparel will be added to the mix. So if you went to visit The Twig last spring, it’s definitely worth making a return trip to see what’s new! Although the exact lineup of items is constantly changing, one thing you can always count on is quality. Pieces from upscale designers like Prada, Chanel, and Vera Wang regularly populate the racks, right alongside more casual items from trusted brands such as J. Crew, Ann Taylor, and Chico’s. That’s not to mention the other odds and ends you’ll find at the store, like books that are now out of print, pieces of home decor, and even a small selection of furniture.

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