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Snap a Selfie Near the Pumpkin Wall at Nalls Produce - Clayborne Blog

Snap a Selfie Near the Pumpkin Wall at Nalls Produce

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What started as a simple fruit and produce stand in a wagon is now one of the largest and most lucrative produce markets in the area today. Nalls Produce proudly sources and sells locally grown produce that is 100 percent natural. You can find the best golden sweet corn, giant plump red tomatoes, and tasty crunchy apples all here at Nalls Produce.

In the fall, Nalls turns its garden center into an awesome pumpkin tunnel for the kids and adults to enjoy. There’s also free fall activities including searching for pennies in a haystack and feeding/playing with the farm animals. Also, be sure to check out the pumpkins available for purchase to take home with you.

Finally, after the fall fun is over, holiday trees will make their arrival at Nalls Produce, so you definitely won’t want to miss that! 

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