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Mae’s Market and Cafe Is Now Open Near Clayborne - Clayborne Blog

Mae’s Market and Cafe Is Now Open Near Clayborne

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Sweet and salty cookies flecked with crushed potato chips. Flaky croissants that ooze molten chocolate with every bite. Crumbly fruit scones smothered with vanilla glaze. Treats like these have quickly made a name for Mae’s Market and Cafe, despite the fact that the deli and bakery only opened its doors recently.
Perhaps it’s because the sweets all pair so perfectly with hot cups of artisan coffee, foamy lattes, and mugs of aromatic herbal teas. Or maybe it’s due to the artful balance of sweet and savory items on the menu, from breakfast bites to lunch sandwiches. Stop by on your way to work and grab a house-made buttermilk biscuit stuffed with sausage or a cup of passionfruit chia seed pudding infused with almond and coconut milk and capped with chunks of fresh fruit. For lunch, the deli dishes out simple sammies with gourmet twists, like the meatball sub. It features lamb meatballs embellished with whipped feta cheese, mint, and crunchy red onions, all tucked inside of a sliced baguette. Chicken salad, BLT, and “fancy” tuna sandwiches are also on the menu. If you taste something you love, you might be able to find a take-home version in the prepared foods section, which is part of the boutique market area at Mae’s.

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