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Plan a Coffee Date at Abyssinia Market & Coffee House - Clayborne Blog

Plan a Coffee Date at Abyssinia Market & Coffee House

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If you’re looking for a casual spot this year (or pick up a few sweet treats), look no further than Abyssinia Market & Coffee House. The local cafe roasts its own single-origin coffee from Ethiopia and crafts one-of-a-kind pastries to go with each piping-hot cup.

So if your significant other loves a top-notch cup of java, come to Abyssinia and grab one. Pair it with a fluffy chunk of brioche bread with layers of Nutella baked right in or a croissant stuffed with chocolate. You can also bring something home and surprise your loved one with breakfast in bed—it could be something sweet, or it could be a fresh breakfast sandwich loaded with bacon and eggs. Abyssinia’s baristas also craft specialty drinks like cappuccinos and lattes, which customers grant rave reviews. If you’re interested in a more romantic date, come later in the day to grab a bottle of wine or a six-pack of craft beer for your night in. The market portion of Abyssinia has a carefully curated collection of both. 

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