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Grab a Hot Bite and Cold Drink at The Rub Chicken & Beer - Clayborne Blog

Grab a Hot Bite and Cold Drink at The Rub Chicken & Beer

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The Rub Chicken & Beer elevates the simple chicken sandwich by marinating each tender chicken breast for hours, adding a custom rub and house-made breading, and accentuating the fried chicken with unexpected ingredients. Even the basic “Fricken’ Good” sandwich is something special with its stack of pickle chips, lettuce, tomato, buttermilk-herb ranch dressing, and avocado on a fresh brioche bun from nearby Lyon Bakery.

Missed breakfast? Catch up with an Albert Egg’Stein sammy stuffed with a fried egg, bacon, pimento cheese, and pickle chips plus a surprising layer of apple butter. Or sink your teeth into the sweet and salty Waf Waf Chicky Chicky, a sandwich embraced by a pair of corn-cheddar waffles with maple syrup, bacon, aioli, and corn relish inside. If you prefer your bird straight from the bone, you can order a quarter or a half-bird, or grab a whole bucket with your choice of sides. The sweet potato waffle fries come with cinnamon sugar-ranch dipping sauce while the jalapeno-cheddar hush puppies feature the house’s comeback sauce. Finish off your meal with a cup of Nutella pudding capped with a puff of whipped cream and a dusting of crushed hazelnuts.

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