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Snag Something Sweet at Sprig’s Coffee & Pastry Cafe - Clayborne Blog

Snag Something Sweet at Sprig’s Coffee & Pastry Cafe

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There’s a reason Sprig’s Coffee & Pastry Cafe’s chef and general manager Abbas Ahmad is called the “King of Baklava.” He’s been perfecting the art of Mediterranean pastry-making since his teenage years when he trained alongside an expert in his Lebanese hometown. As the head of the kitchen at the newly opened cafe, he brings his signature pastry, fresh sandwiches, and salads to Alexandria—all with a distinctly Mediterranean twist.

Stop in for lunch to devour the signature Sprigs salad. It ups the ante with a pomegranate vinaigrette dressing and fresh mint and feta sprinkled over romaine, mixed greens, tomato, purple cabbage, cucumber, and cabbage. Prefer a grain-based salad? The classic tabouli combines quinoa, tomatoes, and a mix of parsley and mint with scallions, extra-virgin olive oil, and pomegranate-infused molasses. Prefer a sammy? Fuel up with the vegan Medi-wrap, which showcases grilled eggplant and red pepper, tomato, olives, and hummus all tucked inside of a tomato-basil flatbread. Make sure you save room for a square of the handmade baklava or another house specialty, like the sesame seed butter cookies.

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